Is there value in exploring emotional reactions?
Behavioral studies suggest that an emotional reaction is a good indicator of ad effectiveness. An emotional response of a consumer correlates with the likelihood of him liking and remembering the ad, which translates into sales.
Do cultural differences impact people’s emotional reactions?
Paul Ekman's research shows that the six fundamental emotions like happiness, surprise, sadness, fear, disgust and anger are universal. This means that each of the emotions is characterized by a culturally independent facial expression. The differences that may exist between cultures relate to the intensity and frequency of particular emotions.
Will other emotions be measured in the future?
We want to make more indicators available in the future. It will allow us to customize emotional analysis towards each individual client’s needs.
Is your software academically proven?
From the beginning of the Ellen design process to its very end, we only used scientific sources in the field of machine vision, machine learning and the psychology of emotions.
Do people’s emotional reactions differ depending on the form of communication?
Ads which contain the element of surprise may trigger more emotions than images. On the other hand, an image may evoke a stronger emotional reaction than a sound. In each of these cases, an emotion depends on several factors such as participants’ individual predispositions or the strength of stimuli contained in the test material.


Are there any technical requirements?
Conducting the test requires a webcam and the current version of Firefox 17+, Chrome 21+ or Opera 18+. Ellen is not yet available for Internet Explorer.
Can I see what a study looks like from the participant’s point of view?
In order to protect personal data the recordings of participants' faces are not shown.
Can I use any webcam?
The minimum required resolution is 640x480px – it is the standard resolution of most webcams.
Do I need to worry about the picture quality?
The test conditions are important for the quality of received data. For example, bad lighting conditions may worsen the results generated by Ellen. However, at the beginning of each test, participants are instructed how to adjust the conditions in order for them to be optimal, and we try to test them out. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that the participant will follow our instructions.
Is it possible to test different types of media?
We can test fixed and moving images, videos, music clips, animation and even reactions to websites.
What is the minimum required number of participants?
We recommend a sample of at least 300 people.
Are the recordings of participants stored?
The recordings are stored on the server for 7 days. After this time they are automatically deleted.
Do you offer technical support?
We are available every time a problem arises.
I would like to begin testing immediately, is this possible?
Using the platform is clear and simple, starting the test will only take a few minutes.


What do I find out about my advertising thanks to your system?
First of all, what emotions your advertisement evokes depending on participants’ gender, age and place of residence. In addition, it will tell you which parts of the ad are the best, and which should be changed or deleted. And these are just the basic features of our system.
Can I see the test results?
All findings are presented on-line.
Can I see the results of individual participants?
The platform does not provide access to individual results, because we are obliged to protect participants’ personal data. Therefore, all results are presented as aggregated data.
Can we carry out a survey before or after the test?
Following the test, participants may be redirected to any survey, or we can include your survey in Ellen before the test.
Can I track the results while the test is being carried out?
Test results are available on-line.
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