for market research

Discover the emotions induced by your content

Thanks to Ellen, market research agencies and media houses can now conduct innovative studies in their customers homes. The study uses a non-declarative measurement of the consumers emotional engagement towards the advertised product.

Short time to result

Results are available 24 hours after the survey starts.

Valuable knowledge

Ellen is the perfect addition to quantitive and qualitative studies including CAPI and CAWI. It also provides value for focus group studies and field interviews (IDI).

Easy integration with any web based tool

You can already benefit from official integrations with external systems.

What knowledge will you gain about your media and your brand thanks to Ellen?

  • how engaging is the media
  • how quickly and firmly the media engages men and women
  • how the media engages consumers from different age groups
  • how client preference reflects their emotional reactions to the content
  • when do your customers lose interest in the content
  • does the content induce the right emotional load
  • which parts of the content invoke the strongest emotional reactions
  • how to design future media
  • how to optimally shorten the content

Most important features of Ellen

Satisfied Polish customers:

Using Quantum Lab's Ellen, we studied several advertisements of products from the technological sector. We wanted to know what emotions are evoked by each ad, and how they influence different viewer groups, as well as which fragments of the ads are key to sustain viewer engagement. Thanks to Ellen we managed to obtain this knowledge and it significantly enriched the value we delivered to our Customer.

Cooperation with Quantum Lab Co. solidified our belief in the value of new technologies in consumer studies.

Tomasz Dulnicz

Researcher, Consultant and Partner at Smartscope

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